"If we lose our human values by having everything mechanized, then machines will dictate our lives"

~ Dalai Lama

Digital Ninja Philosophy

We like going to work looking forward to a positive day of growth, progress, support, and success. In order to do that we maintain some basic values here at Digital Ninja.

We aim to live our value system in all our interactions, and have many happy relationships with clients for the past 10 years of doing business. We feel like we make our clients days better, and truly feel it distinguishes us from the rest. How many times have you looked forward to contacting your support team?

Our Values

& Teamwork

We work as a team with our clients and always seek cooperation for the best results.


We never talk down to anyone regardless of technical skill or background.

& Honesty

All support, breakdowns, solutions, options, costs, and Digital Ninja’s role are always discussed openly and honestly.


Your contracts with Digital Ninja are built to be fair, clear, and transparent. You own your data. Most services are month to month, ad hoc, or project based. 

Non Discrimination
& Anti-Racist

As a diverse team ourselves we have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, racism, hate, or abuse. It will not be tolerated from any Digital Ninja employee or representative, and that includes clients and their team.


We earn your trust by always striving for excellence, staying ahead of the curve, communicating clearly, and owning our roles with your organization and team.

What We Do​
Digital Ninja Consulting is a Google Partner and Reseller of Google Workforce. We are highly focused in our service to provide our extraordinary 5 Star rated service. We have partnered with other technology specialists to help create continuity for your organization in areas we are not specialists. We are also known for being a specialist for your in house admin team meaning we cooperate well with others on your team. We understand the interconnected pieces of digital operations in 2022, and help prevent breakdowns in your email delivery, scheduling, file organizing and more.

Services Digital Ninja

We are Google
Workspace Partners

Digital Ninja stays highly focused of Google Workspace, works well with your team and other IT providers, and has quality partners for dovetailed services.

Manage Google Workspace for your organization. Easily add users, manage devices,  configure security and settings so your data stays safe and organized. Administration shouldn’t need a manual.

Right sized Google Workspace support with trained support agents is available when you choose Digital Ninja Consulting as your Google Workspace partner.

Get the most out of Google Workspace enable and empower your users to fully utilize all the available apps like Maps, Docs, Sheets, etc by training with Digital Ninja Google Certified Agents.

Most projects require collaboration among teammates. Even if you have a distributed team working on a project, cloud-based Google Workspace apps can help you collaborate easily enhance your teams with Digital Ninja Certified Project managers.

Shared drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device. Unlike files in My Drive, files in a shared drive belong to the team instead of an individual. Digital Ninja Google certified agents can help set up your organization according to your needs.

Improve your organization’s productivity and time management with scheduling calendar serviced by Google.

Digital Ninja can help you organize, set up and maintain your organization’ s distribution, accesses, users and more, making easy to deploy and control users, devices, and apps across all your organization.

Manage your organization devices through Google Workspace. Digital Ninja Google Certified Agents can help you set up, manage and maintain your Google Workspace environment.

Google started in the cloud and runs on the cloud, so it’s no surprise that we fully understand the security implications of powering your business in the cloud. Because Google and our enterprise services run on the same infrastructure, your organization will benefit from the protections we’ve built and use everyday. Our robust global infrastructure, along with dedicated security professionals and our drive to innovate, enables Google to stay ahead of the curve and offer a highly secure, reliable, and compliant environment.

Migrate to Google Workspace with Digital Ninja. With Google Workspace you can quickly access your Documents, Calendar, Gmail and Google Meet from within the same platform. This migration allows you to move your organization’s data, such as email, calendar, contacts, folders, files, and permissions. It is easy to share, plan, coordinate and create with colleagues and/or customers. With Google Workspace you are fully empowered to work from home!

As a Google Workspace administrator, you can create and manage groups or configure features and settings for teams or departments for your organization. Optimize your strategy and user management with Digital Ninja.

Develop advanced Google Cloud Configurations with Digital Ninja’s Google Certified Developers

Google Voice subscriptions are designed to meet the needs of small businesses, schools, and large international enterprises. You can buy Voice as an add-on paid subscription to any edition of Google Workspace or G Suite with Digital Ninja.

Other Services

In addition to our core service partners, Digital Ninja has established a strong professional network of tech service providers and partners of all types.

We work with specialists within the Google Cloud ecosystem that can build applets, custom tools, intelligence dashboards, and much more. These symbiotic relationships help us make sure that your systems and projects dovetail well within Google Workspace.

Our partners are full service professionals for Google AdWords & Analytics. From start up to Enterprise our partners can help you optimize your ad performance, and find new opportunities to scale. 

When it comes to hardware and networks at your office or for your remote work staff Digital Ninja’s partners are nationwide, are easy to work with and competitive.

We never take a job we aren’t already experts in, and we always seek to refer you to a quality partner for your specific need. We’ve built our partnerships through years of experience together, mutually happy clients, and mutual respect and care.

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