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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to be a client of Digital Ninja Consulting to use our services?

You do not have to be in a reseller agreement to have a migration project done with us. Nor do you need to with certain Google Analytics/Adwords, or Google Cloud services.

Digital Ninja Consulting is a Google Partner and reseller of the Google Workspace, and there are pricing and support services that our clients get if they agree to have Digital Ninja as their reseller.

During a migration is there any downtime for our domain?

In most cases there is no downtime, and we can migrate while you continue operating as usual until the migration is done. When the migration is complete we can pick a “go live” date and time. Before the “go live” we will perform a delta migration to move the data difference between the completion of the full migration and the “go live” date.

The only scenario that will experience downtime is when we are migrating a domain out of an existing Google Workspace account to another Google Workspace instance. In that case, there is a brief time the email system will be down in order to defederate the domain from one Google Workspace instance to another. This can be coordinated for after hours to limit the impact of the downtime.

When you meet with our sales team you’ll know your scenario and any potential downtime issues that we may encounter so we can plan a smooth transition.

What does Digital Ninja charge for Google Workspace subscriptions?

Google Workspace accounts are the same price Google charges. There are several account levels from Basic to Enterprise Tiers, and prices are charged per user.

When you partner with Digital Ninja Consulting as your Google Workspace Reseller you will pay the same as if you were contracted directly with Google.

Are contracts are month to month (promotional pricing may require longer contracts), and you’ll gain access to our support options.

Do we need to share passwords with you?

Short answer, yes.

However, Digital Ninja has careful procedures to help you manage passwords during the migration. We help reduce your exposure to lost, stolen or mismanaged passwords by carefully planning around your scenario and your organization’s risk tolerance.

We have worked with highly regulated companies in the past and we understand the necessity of diligence around security. We feel our diligence and care is a distinguishing quality of our organization.

How long do migrations take?

This depends on many factors, but in many cases 5-8 days is a good estimate. If you have 20 years of email, many users, or a data source that throttles the migration to the Google Workspace it can/will take longer.

Generally under 14 days for the upper end of how long it can take to actually migrate the data. In addition, we can migrate while you operate as usual. So you won’t have a major interruption or downtime during the migration.

It is important to note that we believe that being careful up front and taking the time to make sure all sources of data are confirmed, you and your team are ready, and the plan is confirmed is very important. If you have a complex migration, it can take longer because of due diligence. And, in the case of migrations due diligence is a key factor of success.

What gets migrated to the new account?

Depending on what you have to migrate we can migrate, email, calendars, contacts, and files from sources like OneDrive, DropBox, and other Google Drive accounts. For Google Workspace to Google Workspace migrations there are more Google Workspace related apps that can be migrated.

Can my folders get migrated from O365?

Yes, your folder structures will migrate as well. In Gmail the folders are called Labels.


Where do I log in after the migration is complete?

Gmail.com or a custom URL. Additionally, we can help with Oauth and SSO set ups and services as a project add-on.

Can we migrate multiple inboxes into one new account?

Yes, multiple inboxes can be migrated into another destination inbox. The caveat with this scenario is that they will have to be done at one at a time. Multiple one to one migrations can run simultaneously, once the multiple source inbox finishes an inbox we move onto the next one. This does not disrupt the other migrations that are running.

How much per migration?

The cost will vary depending on your organization’s migration scenario. The cleaner the source of the migrating data the more affordable the price. If there are manual migration requirements the price will reflect the added time to complete those types of migrations.

We aim to be competitive with our pricing, and really focus on a quality and long term relationship to secure our bottom-line over the course of our working relationship.

We don’t hide the fact that we want to earn the position of your reseller. We hope that upon your migration going successfully, and you getting to know our team, it will be an easy decision to contract us as your reseller.

Our contracts are generally month-to-month* because we know we provide service at a level that our clients stick around.

*sometimes there are promotional pricing from Google directly that require a yearly contract to obtain.

How do we know everything was migrated?

Anytime you are doing a migration there is never a 100% guarantee that everything will be migrated. The tools that we use can guarantee 99.98% of data being moved. This is because there are emails/files/data that can be deemed as corrupt or too big in size. Before final go live we have the ability to check accounts and flag high priority data. If there is something missing there are other manual options to bring it over.

When is the best time to start a migration?

This is a case by case answer depending on what you are facing as a company. We have clients that are in down seasons and take advantage of this. There can be a breakdown in the current operations and they rush to get the migration done ASAP. There are scenarios of rebranding and having ample amount of time. We have dealt with all of them and we aim to set expectations up front to mitigate realistic goals.

Is there training for my team available?

Absolutely, Digital Ninja is an online colloquialism meaning “power user”. We love when we have the opportunity to empower users to become power users. We know the training is how you cultivate flow, and the state of flow is when we do our greatest work and experience the most joy. Connect with us here to discuss training options.

Is my data safe?

Digital Ninja Consulting aims to make sure we’re using the best most trusted tools and tactics to deal with today’s modern digital threats. We have many advanced security measures that we can discuss with you beyond the standard encryption, password security, user access levels, and internal visibility. 

And, we find that when a company undergoes a migration security is improved as we’re often taking layered legacy systems and streamlining them into Google Workspace with a fresh clean start.

We see your migration project as a way to level up your security, address weaknesses, and have more clarity about your organization’s security overall.

NDAs are also available upon request.