Client Type: Real Estate Company

Number of Users: 13

Origin: G Suite in a parent company

Destination: New G Suite Account

A client requested assistance with removing themselves off of a G-suite account that was already live with multiple domains and into their own G-suite entity. The CEO, who is in real estate, attempted to do this first but gave up midway through with a partial account.

Surprisingly, this situation is uncommon. The first major hurdle was that the trial period had expired on the partial account. The solution began with restarting the process with throwaway domains. Real estate agents, especially boutiques, are very busy and on the phone with their clients and/or use email at all times of the day.

Because we do what is called a dry migration, all the information is copied over to the dummy accounts so the users can work without any interruption, which the CEO/users loved.

We had a less aggressive timeline so we were able to instruct the users. They were informed that they can log into the dummy accounts and check their mail/contacts/calendar before making the switch.

Once we got the okay, we deleted the whole domain under the source G-suite account. There is a risk Google may warn that we will not be able to access the account for 24 hours. Luckily we’ve only needed to wait an hour or two at most before continuing to re-add the actual domain in the destination entity. Ultimately this was a success, and we were able to gain the account under our reseller domain.