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Google Drive
& Shared Drives Services

Google Drive can be an amazing tool if you have a strategy, a structure, and a procedure for maintenance of your files. It can also be a company’s most difficult challenge when it gets out of control. The fact is that file management tools need constant maintenance in order to be secure and effective for your team.

Digital Ninja has developed training to help you develop folder structures, Shared Drive structures, naming conventions, sets of user permissions, and procedures to make maintenance clear and efficient. By having a place for everything it is easier to get everything in its place. And, your admins will benefit from peace of mind that your files are secure so you can focus on user management and other critical areas of your business.

Our experience is in over 40 industry sectors and sub-sectors and range from one user getting their sole proprietorship set up for growth, to large organizations with hundreds of users and strict security requirements like HIPPA and HiTrust*. We can help you execute your security requirements confidently so you pass your security audits.

Our training is designed to teach your admins, managers, and users on their role in the maintenance of Google Drive and company files. 

*Digital Ninja is not a HIPPA or HiTrust security agency. Organizations with these requirements need security specialists that help get the client through audits and certifications. Digital Ninja operates as the partner that helps execute the requirements in Google Workspace so you pass your audits.


Digital Ninja Consulting has partnered with Implemented Today to blend our services while staying focused on our expertise in our respected specialties. By leveraging this partnership we can work together to make sure our overlapping areas are well planned, maintained, and deployed.

Projects that we can help you with range from simple Oauth, Single Sign On, website hosting, virtual machines (VM), software hosting, and to the more complex projects like customer portals, applets and applications, and often the simple and complex are both part of a larger goal of an organization. 

Are you ready to get your organization’s files in order and secure. Please fill in the form below to get a quote and to discuss your organization’s specific needs. 



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