Google Workspace Security Services

Cyber security is a dynamic space. The user faces different challenges every year because there are always new applications and data.

~ Ken Xie~

Google Workspace
Security Services

Our Approach to Google Workspace Security

Security and convenience are generally on opposite sides of the spectrum. For most IT Systems the more secure the more inconvenient, and the more convenient the more insecure. Digital Ninja helps you secure your Google Workspace system while ensuring your users have the tools and services they need with security at the forefront of the strategy.

We have a saying at Digital Ninja, “systems are never secured, optimized, or completed, they are always seeking security, optimization, and completion. The reason for this is that the world of technology is a dynamic landscape that changes at a pace never before experienced in our history, and it’s only getting faster.

Digital Ninja has developed a core set of services that help your organization get beyond the default settings and not only have clarity on their current systems security, but to also have a greater peace of mind that their organization is truly addressing modern security practices. And, are also gaining more convenience and efficiency while they do it. 

While security and convenience can be at odds with one another we believe that a well configured system that is maintained and trained can also improve productivity and workflow. 

We’ve built a set of services to help your organization quickly shore up your security practices with your Google Workspace system that will help you save money on licenses, identify and remedy vulnerabilities, and unlock services and features often overlooked that can greatly improve your ability to protect your organization.

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Strategic Partnerships

Our Partners Are Specialists Ensuring the Right Team for the Job

Digital Ninja Consulting has partnered with Implemented Today to blend our services while staying focused on our expertise in our respected specialties. By leveraging this partnership we can work together to make sure our overlapping areas are well planned, maintained, and deployed.

Projects that we can help you with range from simple Oauth, Single Sign On, website hosting, virtual machines (VM), software hosting, and to the more complex projects like customer portals, applets and applications, and often the simple and complex are both part of a larger goal of an organization. 

Applying for Cyber
Security Insurance?

When applying for Cyber Security Insurance your organization will need to go through an application and underwriting process in which your current state of security and your process will need to be defined.

We can help you qualify and even lower your premium with the Google Workspace system services that help you define your processes.

Get Insurance Ready GOOGLE Workspace Security

Google Workspace Security Services
Designed to Fit Your Organizations Needs

Zero Trust Strategies

Digital Ninja works hard to stay on top of the ever changing landscape of technology, security, productivity, and efficiency. We follow the principles of Zero Trust models to help your organization work with diverse and remote teams. 

There are many pathways to Zero Trust. These pathways are dependent on your organizational structure, user base needs, and locations. We work with your executives and directors to help you plan out a Zero Trust environment through a range of services orchestrated in a way that fits your organization’s flow.

Google workspace security services Zero trust

Google Workspace
Full Security Audit

One of the first steps in improving your organization’s security is to fully review the administrative configuration of your Google Workspace account. Our trained team has built a thorough audit of your Google Workspace Admin Console that will give you the insight and help you immediately improve your security and inform you where more improvements can be made. This service comes with an admin review of the findings, and suggestions for opportunities to be more secure.

User Optimization

Many organizations have legacy accounts or extra accounts that are not managed or monitored. As Google Workspace Certified Partners we have a trained staff that stays current on the newest features and configurations. We are able to analyze and report back to you a full state of your current user base, and help you choose optimal license types, security configurations, organizational structure, service allocation, and more. 

This service often saves our clients a significant amount of money ongoing.

Monthly Proactive Google Workspace Security
& Support

Reactive security is costly. Proactive security is the answer. 

For over a decade Digital Ninja has focused on Google Workspace and after hundreds of clients in all kinds of industries we realized that most systems that start secure will not stay secure as organizations change, grow, evolve, or pivot. There are many issues that can arise over time that sit latent as security vulnerabilities. 

Many of our customers do not have an in-house IT person monitoring their Google Workspace system on any frequency. And too often we’ve been called by a potential new customer after a security breach. 

Unlimited Support for Your Admins

All of this and Unlimited Support for your team’s chosen admins. Meaning that you don’t get any additional charges for supporting your organization’s security needs or questions.*

*unlimited support is for admins of your team and not general user support. It includes all questions, basic configurations of features, and strategy. It does not include team training, development projects, or custom requests. 


We’ve built a monthly service that helps you proactively attend to your accounts security

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