Client Type: FinTech App Company

Number of Users: 50

Origin: Office365 Parent Company

Destination: G Suite Business Standard

This customer reached out to us because they were in an umbrella company situation and needed to separate into their own domain. This has happened a handful of times over the years. These situations can be deceptively straightforward.

In the negotiation/review process the reassurance that the source domain will provide all access keys, in order for a smooth migration, is given but unforeseen events can provide complications. Luckily our contact was a tech-savvy admin and he was the liaison for the source account and the destination account. Because of that admin I was able to access all relevant information with ease. Not to say that this migration was straight forward. With every migration we have done, there have been difficulties which are unique to that specific situation. It’s just expected at this point.

We believe part of the value that our customers come to us for is our ability to adapt to changing situations and find solutions. The customer was on Office 365 and migrating to G-suite. Using the tools that we have we can leverage API keys to help migrate email/calendar/contacts/one drive, which helped with the timeline.

The majority of our customers have aggressive timelines which usually causes stress for the admins. The CEO at the time had last-minute user additions that were not originally proposed.  Because of delta migrations and our ability to compartmentalize users and applications we were still able to meet the client’s deadline.

The customer left happy, grateful and relieved that they didn’t have to handle this project by themselves since we were there every step of the way. Also, we like to help out after the go-live date because with any migration there are idiosyncrasies that have to be worked out, which are usually user-based issues.