Email is the necessary tool that most people have too much of, and most people don’t really have email managed well. Many people have several email accounts for various reasons, and often none of them is in order. We see a lot of people suffering from overwhelm as it relates to their inbox, and have helped many users recover to a well organized and easily maintained inbox.

One user had well over 10,000 unread messages from years of email neglect. This became a source of stress, and a huge threat to security, and ultimately led the user to daily inefficiencies that left them tired. We were able to get the user to zero unread messages, a clear set of messages that needed to be handled, and a process to clear the daily noise of the inbox efficiently.

Too many users settle on default settings or misuse functions. By leveraging more advanced functions, various inbox strategies, and by training a process of maintenance our user spent a fraction of time managing email, maintains no unread messages, and can focus on the most important messages easily.

Google’s inbuilt functions like priority inbox, the correct use of stars for follow up, and by stopping bad habits like using Unread as a way to come back to messages you need to handle a user can manage the daily barrage of emails. On average the corporate American receives over 140 messages a day. This training is 90 mins one on one, and has resulted in many less stressed clients.