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What you can expect next:

  • You’ll receive a follow up message in your inbox confirming we received your request.
  • You’ll receive a quote in 24-48 hours between Monday and Friday.
  • If we have follow up questions, we’ll reach out via email to make sure we give you an accurate quote.
  • Even if you don’t select us for your project, our proposals will give you insights that can help you consider the project overall.
  • We will be respectful at all times and lead with our values.
  • You’ll experience a non-pushy sales process and will not blast you with too many emails. We will follow up on Fridays for up to 4 weeks to determine if you’ve made a decision, and will stop communication beyond that unless we’ve contracted with you.
  • If you chose Digital Ninja Consulting for your project, you’ll be able to schedule your project soon after your acceptance of our proposal.
  • Most terms are 50% down & 50% completion or, if recurring, month to month. We will never hold your account hostage with unfair terms.
  • Your privacy and security is a top priority. We routinely wipe data from our site, use only high quality and trusted tools for our operations, and constantly learn and improve so best practices become habit.