MS Exchange Server to Google Workspace

Working with this client was one a decent size account (over 300 users with 90 to migrate) and there were multiple sources that had to be migrated from. The main source was off of the Exchange server. It was around Thanksgiving and they had a decent timeline where they wanted to finish before Christmas.

Zimbra (webmail) to Google Workforce (formerly G Suite)

Client Type: Media Company Number of Users: 37 Origin: Zimbra Webmail Destination: Google Workforce Business Standard One of our more memorable migrations was a few years ago and it included many difficult and interesting aspects. This migration stands out as one of the first opportunities for such an intricate and convoluted migration, one so involved […]

G-suite to G-suite Migration

Client Type: Real Estate Company Number of Users: 13 Origin: G Suite in a parent company Destination: New G Suite Account A client requested assistance with removing themselves off of a G-suite account that was already live with multiple domains and into their own G-suite entity. The CEO, who is in real estate, attempted to […]