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When Digital Ninja Consulting engages a larger client migrating to Google Workspace there is an opportunity for the organization to clean up its user accounts and manage them better. User management with the Google Admin Console is one of the best in class and a large part of an organizations decision to move to Google Workspace.

Recently, we had a client with over 300 users move to Google Workspace from a set of legacy disjointed systems. Users were in webmail, or free Gmail accounts not under the ownership of the organization itself. This left them inefficient, vulnerable to data loss, and insecure overall. It also became a admin nightmare to deal with new users or exiting users.

Step one actually takes place when we begin preparing for the migration. Our team helps organizations like this cull the user list down to the real number of accounts that need migrating, and then helps set up the user list in the new Google Workspace to receive the migrated data.

Once we completed the migration User Management is key. This is an opportunity to group users in Sub-Organizations inside the User Management area of the Google Admin Console. These Sub-organizations help create buckets of users that we can set permissions for by organization.

Additionally, we can begin leveraging Google Groups for group messaging, assigning permissions in Google Drive, and more. Leveraging sub-organizations, Groups, adding basic security protocols, and setting up standards for on-boarding and off-boarding users helps an organization get beyond the default power of Google Workspace and into a much more efficient, organized, and secure organization as a whole.

Finally, by setting up a strong User Management configuration and protocols your organization sets a solid foundation for the team to be trained on how to leverage tools like Gmail, Calendar and Drive on a whole new level.

At Digital Ninja Consulting we know the value of getting beyond default settings as we talk about here in this Use Case about getting beyond default with Gmail.

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