Getting beyond the default settings in Gmail is essential for daily productivity.

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Clear the Noise!

I love Digital Ninja Consulting! Their email course changed my life. Before DNC, I was overwhelmed by my inbox and constantly fearful of missing important emails. As a result of their training, I spend half the time I used to in my email, and have zero fear of emails slipping through the cracks. I’d recommend Digital Ninja Consulting to any entrepreneur who feels buried by their inbox. “Clear the noise!”

Many Google Workspace users simply accept the default settings of applications like their Gmail application. The fact is that many users are either too scared to change settings, don’t know there are settings that will make a difference, and really haven’t put much time in educating themselves on best email practices. It’s not the most attractive topic out there.

But, at Digital Ninja Consulting we are clear that the inbox is a critical part in our daily systems of business operations to get under control. It is very easy to get buried in unread messages, spam, over messaging, and ultimately miss or lose things that are important to daily business flow. With an average American worker receiving over 140 messages a day in their inbox it’s clear this is a huge place of potential overwhelm.

Marty Bhatia of Digital Ninja Consulting is all about efficiency and using tools powerfully. After all, Digital Ninja, is another name for power user. Being a power user means you don’t accept default settings, and you seek to master the daily tools you use to get you into a more powerful state of flow.

Marty’s methodology stems from concepts like the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, Atomic Habits by James Clear, and many more. In the case of Gmail, Marty focuses in on leveraging settings like Priority Inbox coupled with inbox clearing procedures that quickly get the unread count to zero while leveraging the stars function for follow up.

Adding in filters to create color coded labels for even more visual sorting, and you can get in and out of your inbox in minutes instead of hours. When users start leveraging more of what Gmail offers in it’s own settings the benefits add up. Beyond just the default settings there are other add-ons, plugins, and tools that can integrate into Gmail to make it do more with less effort.

Marty has trained over 500 users with these techniques. The key is to know that the Google Workspace tools can help you do more valuable work with less effort, while simultaneously clearing the distracting noise.

Marty’s training is available for one on one entrepreneur and executive coaching, and is available for team training. Marty has been living as a digital nomad for over two years. He’s currently living (2021) in Costa Rica with his family after a year in New Zealand. He leverages Google Workspace, Google hardware, and variety of Google and non-Google services to work effectively and securely nearly anywhere.

Getting beyond the default settings helps Marty maintain the title of Digital Ninja with his many clients.

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