Use Case

Google Workspace for Non Profits

Google Workspace Basic is free for certified non-profit organizations. We often find these organizations under served when it comes to their Google Workspace set up. Since the account is free there is no monthly per user income for the service provider. And, most often there is no service provider leaving the IT administration to someone lucky in the organization.

Digital Ninja’s services are available to non profits at a discount. We see your service in the world as a benefit and seek to make it easier to compute better. In many cases, non-profits don’t know their account can be free. It’s also a big surprise when they find out there is a Google AdWords Grant available as well.

A nonprofit organization that we worked with was suffering from email going into their donors spam folders, WordPress website form submissions doing the same, and several users in the organization were using free Gmail accounts to avoid the added cost of another user. They were setup on Google Basic paid services without a reseller.

Once the client engaged us we were able to quickly identify that their DNS settings were missing basic authentication records, and that their WordPress Website would benefit from leveraging a Google Cloud function and WordPress plugin that allows for an Oauth connection. This routes all WordPress messaging (form submissions, notifications, receipts for purchases, etc…) via the Google Workspace mail servers so that everything sends authenticated. Additionally, this setup is more secure as it helps the organization avoid leaving any email account login credentials on their WordPress site.

After a submission to Google for a non-profit status we obtained a free Google Workspace basic account. We were then able to move all the users to a branded domain and in a single Google Workspace instance helping them become more secure, organized, and efficient.

Once all that was settled we were able to add icing on the cake and were awarded the Google AdWords grant of up to $10,000/mo in AdWords budget to spend on campaigns.