Client Type: Media Company

Number of Users: 37

Origin: Zimbra Webmail

Destination: Google Workforce Business Standard

One of our more memorable migrations was a few years ago and it included many difficult and interesting aspects. This migration stands out as one of the first opportunities for such an intricate and convoluted migration, one so involved we considered moving on-site to handle it.

For this type of scenario, clients tend to not know their full situations in terms of how they are set up. This can lead to overestimation or finding out something completely different in the discovery.

The webmail (Zimbra) accounts are more time consuming because we cannot leverage API to migrate contacts/calendar/files, this is done manually. A lot more manual work is needed to be done to make sure the client is happy at the end of the transition.

There was a third party that was coordinated with in terms of adding/editing DNS records. This was because sometimes clients are very protective of these with good reason and don’t want this info out there. They were happy that we were willing to work around this.

They were impressed by the number of surprises, and our ability to manage and mitigate them. There was always open communication and we weren’t restricting them to the 9-5 schedule so it ended up getting done and above standards.